Councilmember Bonaccorsi Referral on 2nd Story Design Guidelines, and potential Moratorium on Tuesday's Agenda

COUNCILMEMBER BONACCORSI REFERRAL: Seeking Staff Evaluation and Recommendation on Neighborhood Preservation Actions

Over the past several weeks we have had speakers come before us during oral communications proposing changes to our municipal code related to neighborhood preservation: creating designated neighborhoods citywide or Neighborhood Conservation Areas (NCAs), revisiting and finalizing Zoning & Design Guidelines citywide for residential second story remodeling, and an interim urgency ordinance to impose a moratorium on residential second story remodeling pending adoption of any municipal code amendments. This referral seeks staff evaluation and recommendation on the various actions already taken by the city, those that remain to be completed, if any, and the various courses of action we can take regarding neighborhood preservation for problems that remain unaddressed.

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