Councilmember Bonaccorsi's Cloverleaf Bowl Referral Unanimously Adopted By Council

On Tuesday, July 10th, at Councilmember Bonaccorsi's referral, the City Council was asked to initiate proceedings to consider adding Cloverleaf Bowl to Fremont’s historic register. The Fremont register is a “permanent public record…of historic resources.” Councilmember Bonaccorsi cited a recent report presented at a prior Council meeting on June 19 written by an architectural historian. The historian highlighted Cloverleaf Bowl as the only notable example of Googie roadside architecture prevalent in the 1950’s and 1960’s still standing in Fremont. Councilmember Bonaccorsi said that we might not know the term Googie, but “think the Space Needle in Seattle, Tomorrowland in Disneyland, and for those of us who grew up in the 60’s watching cartoons, the Jetsons!”

View the Council meeting.
Discussion of the referral begins at 35:00, with a review of the referral and comments by residents.
Councilmember Bonaccorsi's closing comments being at 1:51:38.

Hundreds of enthusiastic and passionate bowlers and other residents from 5 to 75, attended (including some who marched from Cloverleaf to the Council meeting!) to share their love of Cloverleaf Bowl, praising the Hillman's family-run business for their contribution to generations young and old in Fremont and beyond since 1963. Councilmember Bonaccorsi’s referral generated one of the largest crowds ever to attend our Council Chambers filling up not only the Council Chambers but spilling over to the lobby, an overflow room, and even standing room only outside the doors! After the Council’s unanimous vote in favor in favor of Bonaccorsi’s referral (in conjunction with a parallel referral by Councilmember Salwan), the Council directed staff to return to put Cloverleaf Bowl on the agenda at a Council meeting in September to initiate a process to consider adding Cloverleaf Bowl to Fremont’s register as a community landmark and historic resource.