Cloverleaf Family Bowl: our historic resource and community treasure

On September 18, the Council unanimously approved my referral on Cloverleaf Family Bowl enthusiastically supported by the Cloverleaf Family Bowl! Since 1959, Cloverleaf Family Bowl has been a landmark and gathering place for generations in Fremont. And since 1963, Cloverleaf Family Bowl has been owned by the Hillman family.

In June, a developer submitted plans to the City that called for the demolition of Cloverleaf. Quickly, a month later, in response to community concerns, I placed a referral on the Council agenda. Cloverleaf Family Bowl generated one of the largest turnouts ever for any matter to come before the Fremont City Council with the chambers and overflow room full. My referral expressly asked the City Council to have our Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) consider whether Cloverleaf Family Bowl is an historic resource and can be placed on our Fremont Historic Register. Councilmember Salwan also brought forward a referral to tee up discussions about the future of the Cloverleaf Family Bowl.

On Tuesday, September 18, the City Council unanimously approved my referral to have HARB consider whether Cloverleaf is eligible for listing on our Historic Register. Again there was a large turnout and again there was seating in our overflow room. Even better, as part of the referral process, the City commissioned a study by an outside historical architectural firm which already has determined that Cloverleaf Family Bowl is an historic resource. This is the first step in the City considering whether to preserve the building.

Everyone knows that Cloverleaf Family Bowl still has a five-year lease. It is my hope in the weeks, months, and years ahead, that the Cloverleaf Family Bowl, the owner and the developer can begin having meaningful discussions for a win-win project that Cloverleaf Family Bowl, the community, and Council can support. This is community engagement at its best!