Look for the #Bonabag!

We're excited to share this stylish, multi-purpose bag featuring District 3.

You may be wondering, how can I get a #Bonabag?

Earn your #Bonabag by joining the campaign as a volunteer, and we have several fun opportunities to choose from:

  • First and foremost, join us in precinct walking for at least 2 hours! Get to meet other District 3 residents, and share more information about the new District voting system and David's priorities as a current City Council member and candidate. Please note, precinct walkers under age 18 must participate along with a responsible adult.
  • Work at an event, participating on David's behalf - another great opportunity to meet District 3 voters and share information.
  • Make phone calls on David's behalf to gather support
  • We have other volunteer activities, contact us for more information!

Sign up to volunteer and earn your Bonaccorsi for City Council #Bonabag

Have fun even if you don't have a #Bonabag

You can also participate by spotting a Bonaccorsi for City Council #Bonabag around Fremont. Just take a photo, and share on your social media account. Be sure to use the #Bonabag hashtag. Feel free to share your endorsement of David in your post as well!

Every month, a winner will be drawn from those hashtag-posters, to meet David as his guest, at a District 3 venue for a hot or cold drink, ice cream, or other treat!

Fremont Festival of the Arts

The Bonaccorsi for City Council #Bonabag had a great time hanging out at the festival (conveniently located in District 3!), enjoying the beautiful weather, treats, entertainment, and crowds of happy shoppers.

Fremont Festival of the Arts

Our Bonaccorsi for City Council #Bonabag met some colorful characters at the Festival!

The #Bonabag in Fremont Downtown D3

Thank you Brannin Dorsey for taking our Bonaccorsi for City Council #Bonabag (with a helpful map of District 3) around the downtown and beyond!

The #Bonabag goes to Italy

Our Bonaccorsi for City Council #Bonabag has made it to Rome, Italy before I did, courtesy of District 3 resident Tarrah Henrie! Benvenuti a Roma!

The #Bonabag visits Alien Fresh Jerky

The Bonaccorsi for Fremont City Council #Bonabag went shopping at the Alien Fresh Jerky store in Baker, CA.

The #Bonabag goes to Los Angeles

The Bonaccorsi for Fremont City Council #Bonabag catching rays poolside in Los Angeles.