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Press Release - June 21, 2018

Councilmember David Bonaccorsi Refuses to Accept Contributions from Developers

June 21, 2018, Fremont, CA: Today, community leader and City Councilmember David Bonaccorsi has taken a pledge not to accept campaign contributions from developers. Bonaccorsi has always made independent decisions for the good of all of Fremont.

“It is important to Fremont residents that we focus this campaign on the issues. Fremont needs Councilmembers—who are independent from each other—working collaboratively to find real solutions to the critical transportation, housing and public safety issues that impact each and every one of us on a daily basis,” said Councilmember Bonaccorsi, a lifelong District 3 resident who is seeking election this November.

Bonaccorsi continued, “I have devoted my life to Fremont through civic and community engagement— always focusing on what is good for Fremont. In this spirit, I have pledged not to accept developer contributions for the campaign. We have real problems to solve, and this campaign is focusing on the issues by offering real, sustainable solutions.” Contributions received from developers for this election have been returned.

Councilmember David Bonaccorsi has been actively engaged in the community for more than 30 years. David’s commitment to Fremont has included service on the Fremont Planning Commission, the Fremont Education Foundation, Abode Services, the Fremont Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee, Yes on Measures B and E (FUSD’s Bond Measures), Fremont’s Redevelopment Agency Oversight Board, Citizens for Better Community, and the Fremont Symphony Orchestra. Councilmember Bonaccorsi is currently a City Council representative to the City of Fremont/Fremont Unified School District Liaison Committee.

A lifelong resident of Fremont’s District 3, David attended Maloney Elementary, Glenmoor Elementary, Centerville Junior High, and Washington High School before earning both an undergraduate and then a law degree from Santa Clara University. For more information, go to

28 Palms: Cows on Blacow?

Today I learned something about the 28 Palms neighborhood. The houses along Coco Palm and the first houses along the courts were built in an earlier phase.

The courts did not get completed with the remaining houses until a later phase because there was a farm with cows on Blacow that remained active for several more years!

(Random thought: were the cows called Blacows!?!)

Had there been a well organized opposition to any and all development then, there might still be a farm and Fremont’s population would be less than 100,000.

That was the population when my parents relocated with me in tow in 1961 when my Dad taught at what was then the only high school in Fremont - Washington High.

Reflections on compassion, unconditional love and acceptance

Many of us have seen a video of a woman in her SUV swear at Mr. Ahn, a Korean American veteran, for driving too slow on our Fremont streets, mocking him by making slant eyes and saying “Chinese is ugly.”

This video is going viral and I saw it again on KRON TV this morning.

Clearly, Mr. Ahn was the victim of this person who is hate filled and racist.

Her behavior must be condemned and is unacceptable.

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