David Bonaccorsi

I am proud to call Fremont my home and care deeply about our future.

As your City Councilmember my priorities include combating traffic, preserving neighborhood integrity, and fostering greater collaboration between our city and our schools.

We are all in this together: I pledge to remain focused on delivering results and moving Fremont forward by listening carefully and conscientiously to all views and finding common ground.

Fremont is not without our challenges.

We face gridlocked traffic and high housing costs – and while we’ve taken steps to tackle these challenges and seize new possibilities as a community, there is much more we must do. In fact, there is much more I plan to do to keep Fremont a great place for all of us.

When I first addressed the Council as a Councilmember, I said that being appointed was the greatest joy of my professional life. That remains true to this day: it is my great honor and privilege to serve you on Fremont’s City Council.

Please join me on the campaign trail!

There are many ways you can help, and I respectfully ask for your participation in any of the following ways, all of which contribute to making this possible:

I am grateful and thankful for your friendship over the years and look forward to you joining me on the campaign trail. With your support, we can win this election.