What a Ride!

What a ride! I am humbled by your support and encouragement over the past several months since I declared my candidacy for Fremont City Council.  I was moved by the dedication and talent of my steering committee, and the generosity of time and effort displayed by those of you who opened your homes for our many meet-and-greets or other campaign events.  I was privileged to receive donations from more than 200 donors, many from people in the community, as well as from friends in college and Washington High School, who do not now have any connection to Fremont, but who nevertheless supported my effort.   
While victory was not ours on Election Day, I will continue to serve our City on the Planning Commission and Oversight Board to our former Redevelopment Agency and serve the community at large through participating and promoting nonprofit organizations that impact, benefit and improve the lives of our residents in Fremont.
Last night on the Fremont Planning Commission, I heard the concerns expressed by the Fremont Human Relations Commission and affordable housing advocates, and made a motion that was carried unanimously by the Planning Commission to recommend to the Council that they look for alternative sources of revenue now and not later to provide diversity in our housing for all income levels.
Next week is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.  As a Board member of Fremont-based Abode Services which is dedicated to ending homelessness in our community, I am honored to be a master of ceremonies at a candlelight vigil at St. James Episcopal Church, 37051 Cabrillo Terrace next Friday, November 21 at 7 p.m.  Please join us.  And please support Abode Services.
I am also proud to be a Board member of Music at The Mission.  To learn more about our 10th Anniversary Season and to get email updates including our upcoming Gala on May 1, 2015, go to Music at The Mission and go to the "Contact" tab.
And as a Board Associate of the Fremont Education Foundation, please support our mission of "increased community involvement and investment" in FUSD schools, including our Innovative Education Grants program, by attending the Excellence in Education Gala on February 27, 2015 which will honor FUSD Board President Lara York as a Community Honoree and Robertson Junior High teach Paul Barry as the Education Honoree.  Go to Fremont Education Foundation to look for updates to purchase tickets in December and early January.
Again, thank you for your support! I look forward to continuing to work with each of you to make Fremont the best place it can be to live, work, and play.
David Bonaccorsi

A few post-election housekeeping items:
1) Signs: If you have a sign or see a sign please recycle it as soon as possible.
If you see a sign not picked up, please safely remove it and recycle it, or let me know so that we may recycle it.
2) As noted throughout the campaign, reaching over 90,000 voters is expensive - your donation of any amount (not exceeding $570 per person) will help us to cover the remaining election expenses. Visit our donation page to donate securely online or for instructions for sending a check by mail. 

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Bonaccorsi in the Fremont Bulletin

Excited about the election and focused like a laser beam on getting out the vote.  Join Team Bonaccorsi and find out how you can help get Bonaccorsi elected by emailing Team@Bonaccorsi4Fremont.com

Excerpt from an article in Fremont Bulletin (PDF):

Candidates for Fremont City Council working hard as election approaches

By Aliyah Mohammed - Fremont Bulletin amohammed@themilpitaspost.com
Updated: 10/30/2014 02:17:24 PM PDT MercuryNews.com

Candidates for Fremont City Council working hard as election approaches

Their signs are plastered all over Fremont. Their advertisements and mailers have been arriving in residents' mailboxes for weeks. On Tuesday, Fremont voters will have a chance to choose two
out of nine candidates to serve on the next Fremont City Council.

The candidates are electronic manufacturing professional Syed Iqbal Ahmed; lawyer David Bonaccorsi; IT administrator Martin Froomin; retired Fremont police Officer Rick Jones; interpreter Nancy Liu; businessman Dirk Lorenz, Fremont Unified School District Boardmember Lily Mei, incumbent Councilmember Raj Salwan and community IT professional Rakesh Sharma.

There are two open positions. Salwan's four-year term comes to an end and Councilmember Anu Natarajan is terming out.

David Bonaccorsi

A Fremont native, Bonaccorsi, 53, spent the last seven years serving on the Fremont Planning Commission. He also chairs the Oversight Board to the Successor Agency of Fremont's dissolved redevelopment agency and has been involved with organizations such as Fremont Education Foundation, the city's Integrated Waste Management Advisory Committee, Abode Services and Fremont Unified School District's 2000 Health and Safety Bond, among others.

Bonaccorsi has been walking precincts trying to get residents out to vote and trying to engage them on the issues and concerns they have.

"It has been a tremendously fun ride getting to meet the residents of Fremont and participating in the forum. I am focused like a laser beam on getting to vote on Tuesday."

He said the issues voters are concerned about this year include what is happening in the Warm Springs "Innovation District"; continuing to make Fremont into a magnet for more high-tech and clean-tech companies; and creating a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly downtown.

Another issue Bonaccorsi said voters have voiced is creating a proper cultural performing arts center, so residents do not have to leave Fremont in order to have access to special events and

As of the last campaign finance disclosure, Bonaccorsi had received $64,000 in donations and spent almost $62,000.

Contact Aliyah Mohammed at amohammed@themilpitaspost.com or 408-262-2454 or follow her on twitter.com/Aliyah_JM. Visit us on our social media sites at facebook.com/FremontBulletin and twitter.com/FremontBulletin.


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Planning Commission Updates

The Washington Hospital Parking Garage:

Several months ago, Planning Commission was presented with a nondescript concrete parking garage design by Washington Hospital - a multistory structure that will be a gateway landmark coming off the Fremont BART Station at the edge of our new Downtown. As a Planning Commissioner, I said that we can do better and with the support I obtained from my fellow Planning Commissioners, we instructed staff and Washington Hospital to go back to the drawing board.  I am happy to report last night at our Planning Commission meeting we learned that Washington Hospital followed our directive and worked cooperatively with City staff in coming up with a much improved design with softer elements for the elevation facing the BART Station.  I have enclosed a PDF of the “before” (the original design) and “after” (the design as revised).

Reducing School Overcrowding in Fremont:

Last night I made a motion that was carried unanimously by the Planning Commission to reduce school overcrowding in Fremont Unified.  Fremont Unified is acquiring three parcels totaling nearly 33 acres between Fremont Boulevard and Paseo Padre for a future school site.  I was happy to support Fremont Unified’s acquisition and find that it conforms with our General Plan where, as stated in the staff report “Public education is a top priority in Fremont.”!  With my wife as a Fremont Unified school principal, education is a top priority for me too!

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Bonaccorsi in the News - The Argus

Check out the following excerpt of an article written by Chris De Benedetti, The Argus.

Fremont council: Eight challengers, one incumbent contesting two seats

By Chris De Benedetti The Argus
Updated: 10/01/2014 02:32:23 PM PDT InsideBayArea.com

FREMONT -- Nine candidates are campaigning for two council seats in a thriving city that boasts low crime, a budget surplus, and a growing stable of tech companies.

As most candidates express excitement over the city's growth -- including plans for a 110-acre downtown and the 880-acre Warm Springs Innovation District -- they also note its challenges.

Fremont's planned increases in housing and population might strain public safety services and further crowd aging schools, unless resources are used to alleviate that problem, several candidates said.

…David Bonaccorsi says Fremont brims with economic opportunities, which should invite city leaders to act boldly.

Bonaccorsi, a planning commissioner since 2007, would expand the 110-acre downtown area to include the nearby BART station, renaming it "Downtown Fremont."

He also suggests forming a committee with city and school district representatives to "make recommendations on issues of common concern."

"It would give residents another point of contact to effect change for the better," Bonaccorsi said….


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Candidate Forum hosted by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce

I enjoyed the format of last night's Candidates Forum hosted by the Chamber and other local Fremont business associations. The questions posed to the candidates by the Chamber were well thought out. I also enjoyed the questions raised by residents themselves. This forum enabled us as candidates to distinguish ourselves from each other both in how we view our roles on Council and our priorities for the City of Fremont- in both style and substance. I look forward to the Chamber posting the video of this forum on its website. We'll embed or link to the video here once it's available.

I have reprinted here the opening and closing comments I made at the forum.

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LWV Debate Video

Here is the video from the League of Women Voters’ Fremont City Council candidate forum held on Friday September 19, 2014 at the Fremont City Council Chambers.  I also encourage you to read about my candidacy on Smart Voter, a wonderful service also provided by the League of Women Voters using the link below.

SmartVoter.org - Voter Information

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The League of Women Voters Debate

The League of Women Voters debate on Friday, September 19, was a great success as I was able to share my vision for a thriving pedestrian friendly downtown with great restaurants serving as a regional destination, an Innovation District near our new Warm Springs Bart Station (see the kudos in John King's Sept. 20, 2014 article in the SF Chronicle!) and closer collaboration between our City and Fremont Unified. Below is a slightly longer version of my closing comments last night as we only had 1 1/2 minutes for our closing.

 I answered a range of questions on affordable housing, community benefits for the Warm Springs District, promoting art and good architecture, and even a question on "purple pipes" and greywater! I encourage you to look for rebroadcasts of our council candidate forum on Comcast 27...


I want to thank the League for hosting this forum so that Fremont residents can make an informed choice when we vote for the election to Fremont City Council

I am proud to call Fremont my home and home town. I went to school and now raise a family here in Fremont with my wife Teresa who is an elementary school principal in Fremont.

But we need Councilmembers who look beyond our city limits and realize Fremont’s rightful role as a regional leader. I will be that Councilmember.

I have the vision to make our new Downtown the “social heart” of our community that is vibrant and pedestrian-friendly for new high-end restaurants closer to the street and as a public gathering place. And a Downtown that will leverage our BART Station which will now have ridership going in both directions.

For this reason, I led the Planning Commission to recommend that we extend the Downtown to Bart and rename our Bart Station the Fremont Downtown Bart Station. On Council, I will work to make this happen.

I have the vision to make our Innovation District around the new Warm Springs BART Station a magnet for clean tech and bio tech companies. Tesla is our anchor but we have already 30 clean tech companies calling Fremont home. As your councilmember, I will make sure we keep focused on creating 20,000 good middle class jobs in this Innovation District - the kind of job that my Dad had when he was able to buy a house in Fremont in 1961 as a Washington High School teacher.

I have a record of accomplishment on my seven years on Planning Commission: from making our sign ordinance more consumer friendly and protective of free speech; to a bolder vision for our Downtown and Climate Action Plans; to strengthening our Public Arts and our Affordable Housing Ordinances.

I am already well-known in the community yet I come as a clean slate and with an open mind. I have the integrity to do what is in the best interest of the City for years to come- and not act out of only narrow self-interest or only for the next election cycle.

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 4.

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Signing Party

We had a great turnout of supporters at my nomination signing party. Thanks to Gael Stewart of Mission Coffees for catering our first campaign event.  Last night I summed up my campaign with three simple words:  Enthusiasm, Experience and Engagement.  In just a few short weeks our campaign has generated grass roots support throughout Fremont of people who support my vision of improving the quality of life in Fremont as a great place to live work and play.

Over the next 12 weeks, we'll be taking our message of enthusiasm, experience and community engagement to our friends and neighbors, and we'd love your support as well. Please consider a donation and volunteering to help.

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Join our Signing Party

Please join me for a “Signing Party” with friends, good food and wine. You can RSVP on our FaceBook Event Page, Bonaccorsi For Fremont City Council 2014 Signing Party. And please invite your Fremont friends and neighbors to join us as well.

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