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    As we approach election day, our most pressing need for volunteers is Phone Banking and Precinct Walking. If you can help with either activity, please fill out the volunteer form below, or email Team@Bonaccorsi4Fremont.com

    Activity Schedule

    Precinct Walking:

    Meet at the UDC, 3105 Capital Avenue, Fremont, CA

    Saturday, November 1st – 9:30am to 1:00pm
    Sunday, November 2nd –  Noon – 6:00pm
    Monday, November 3rd – 9:00am to 8:00pm

    Phone Banking:

    Held at 3900 NewPark Mall Road, Newark, 3rd Floor

    Wednesday, October 29th – 5:00pm to 8:00pm
    Saturday, November 1st – 11:00am to 5:00pm
    Sunday, November 2nd – 11:00am to 5:00pm
    Monday, November 3rd – 11:00am to 8:00pm

    Election Day: Tuesday, November 4th

    Precinct Walking – 11:00am to 7:50pm – Pick up packets at the UDC, 3105 Capital Avenue, Fremont, CA
    Poll Checkers Needed – go to key polling places to check off supporters who have voted.
    Phoning – 11:00am to 7:50pm – remind supporters who haven't voted to vote before 8pm.

    If you want to walk or phone bank at other times during the week, please contact us at Team@Bonaccorsi4Fremont.com

    Become a volunteer

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    Click Here to Add your Endorsement

    We Endorse David Bonaccorsi for City Council

    California State Controller Betty Yee

    Senator Bob Wieckowski

    Liz Figueroa, former State Senator

    Assemblymember Bill Quirk

    John A. Dutra, former Assemblymember

    Eileen McDonald, Alameda County School Board Trustee

    Greg Bonaccorsi, Ohlone College Board Trustee

    Vivien Larsen, Ohlone College Board Trustee

    Ishan Shah, Ohlone College Board Trustee

    Aziz Akbari, Alameda County Water District Director

    Paul Sethy, Alameda County Water District Director

    Tom Handley, Union Sanitary District Director

    Pat Kite, Union Sanitary District Director

    Bernard Stewart, Washington Hospital Board Director

    Rick Jones, Fremont Councilmember

    Gus Morrison, Mayor Emeritus, Fremont

    Anu Natarajan, former Fremont Vice Mayor

    Sue Chan, former Fremont Vice Mayor

    Judy Zlatnik, former Fremont Councilmember

    Al Nagy, Newark Mayor

    Dave Smith, Mayor Emeritus, Newark

    Mike Bucci, Newark Councilmember

    Michael Hannon, Newark Councilmember

    Mark Green, Mayor Emeritus, Union City

    Gary Singh, Union City Councilmember

    Kevin Dowling, former Hayward Councilmember

    Michele Berke, Fremont Unified School District Trustee

    Peggy Herndon, former Fremont Unified School District Trustee

    Bryan Gebhardt, former Fremont Unified School District Trustee

    Nina Moore, former Fremont Unified School District Trustee

    Nancy Thomas, Newark Unified School District Trustee

    Brannin Dorsey, Fremont Planning Commissioner

    Reshma Karipineni, Fremont Planning Commissioner

    Ripple Leung, Fremont Planning Commissioner

    Fahria Khan, Alameda County Human Relations Commissioner

    Paddy Iyer, Fremont Human Relations Commissioner

    Sonia Khan, Fremont Human Relations Commissioner

    Lance Kwan, Fremont Human Relations Commissioner

    Carolyn Obata, Fremont Environmental Sustainability Commissioner

    John J. Dutra, Fremont Recreation Commissioner

    Moina Shaiq, Fremont Historical Architectural Review Board

    Barbara Meerjans, Fremont Art Review Board

    Felix Lechner, Fremont Library Advisory Commissioner

    Tim Vi Tran, Fremont Economic Development Advisory Commissioner

    Richard Godfrey, MD, Fremont Environmental Sustainability Commission Chair

    David Sloss, Artistic Director, Fremont Opera and Music Director Emeritus, Fremont Symphony Orchestra 

    Bernie Dutra

    Belinda Wong Eugster

    Dexter Lat

    Dr. Romesh Japra

    Kay Emanuele

    Phong La

    Tony Dutra

    Beth Rasler

    Glenn Nate

    Christina Rodriguez

    Jane Lin

    Tarrah Henrie

    Linda Wasserman

    Sunil Sethy

    Thom and Edie Birbeck

    Ajay Bhutoria

    Harald Westendorf

    Cyndy Mozzetti

    Joanne Barron

    Nancy Newman

    Greg Galati

    Jeevan Zutshi

    Shuja Ahmed

    Debbie Watanuki

    Joanne Taylor

    Phina Chen

    Leslie McGarry

    (Partial List)

    *Titles For Identification Purposes Only






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